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Ajax Woolley

Ajax Woolley, Owner

When you search for help with a remodeling project finding the right information at the right time is a challenge.

Challenge might be too weak a word. For many homeowners the process of planning a renovation can become a pain-in-the-neck.

But why should the process be so difficult to get off the ground (and later, to stick the landing)?

What are the steps you can take to make your own experience as smooth as possible? Who are the best tradespeople, designers, and suppliers for you to work with? What will your budget look like? Since you can’t make all the decisions at once, which ones should you start with?

These are the sort of questions you need clear answers for. If they sound sensible, our working together could be the right move.

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Successful remodeling takes lots of creative problem solving and trust from both sides. If you’re considering a kitchen or bath remodel, you need an expert. Someone with excellent design ideas who can execute the construction with speed and accuracy.

If you’ve ever commissioned a work of art, or purchased a hand-tailored garment, your instincts guided you. That’s what it takes to do a successful remodel. Many of our clients are successful project managers in their own careers.

My name is Ajax Woolley. As the Owner, you can find me when you need me. You may have a remodeling question or need unbiased advice about budgeting for home improvement. I’m here to help.

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