What’s the Value of a Good Idea?

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What’s the Value of a Good Idea?

Houses are full of riddles waiting to be solved. Great remodeling projects require thoughtful design solutions, and careful execution. Before either of these, however, you need a prime ingredient tht is the hardest of all to find: a Good Idea.

When it comes to renovation plans, one of the most common mistakes is rushing the design. Too often, the process skips ahead to concerns about pricing/selections/logistics long before the “Good Idea” test has been passed.┬áIn theory, every qualified remodeler and designer should be totally committed to this principle, and should share it with his/her prospective clients. In practice, however, sometimes significant monies are spent up front on ideas that end up on the cutting room floor… or worse, bad ideas that are poorly executed.

For anyone planning a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or any other major home improvement project, our best advice is to start slow and budget plenty of time for planning (three to six months is a reasonable range). Make the first order of business finding and hiring a team that you trust to guide you through the forest of ideas and possible outcomes. When your project is complete and you step back with satisfaction, you’ll recognize the thread of that original Good Idea from every angle.

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