Ten Questions Before Remodeling

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Ten Questions Before Remodeling

Over the years, we have successfully worked with many different clients who have varying levels of first hand experience with remodeling. Some clients have done many projects prior to meeting GRC, but haven’t been happy enough with their prior contractors to hire them a second time. Others have never done a major project, but may have been happy with a handyman job performed recently. Even when we work for clients a second (or third) time on a major project, there are many things to consider about the new project which may not have been factors in planning the old one.

Below is a list of ten questions I think will be helpful to anyone contemplating a substantial remodel, one that involves hiring a professional remodeling and design firm. These are gleaned from years of experience across many different types of job with many different households; each family and home is different, yet there are underlying principles at work here. I think that any client who takes the time to discuss and write down answers to these questions will be coming to the table with a great deal of clarity and savvy about the remodeling sales process.

  1. Which of your family’s routines will be affected by the work you’re planning?
  2. What seems like a comfortable budget range for your project?
  3. What sort of communication do you want your remodeler to offer?
  4. How long can you tolerate the disruption of the work?
  5. What assumptions are you making about the value the project adds to your property, in order to justify the expense?
  6. What will happen if you don’t do the project?
  7. Is there another project, large or small, that you would bundle together with this one, if you knew you had a good contractor and by bundling you could save time and money overall?
  8. How much time (hours per week and number of weeks) have you budgeted for planning your remodel, including all the showroom visits and meetings you’ll need to make?
  9. Are you happy with your home and property overall, (and just need a few improvements in order to be able to stay there contentedly for years to come), or has there been a discussion about whether or not this is the right house for your family long term?
  10. What kind of assurances are you looking for in your relationships with a designer and remodeler?

I’m sure there are many other important questions that could be asked, too many to list in a blog post. I’d love to hear in the comments, what questions do you think should be added to this list? If you’re a homeowner who has done a major remodel, what things did you learn in hindsight that could be highlighted at the front end to have a better experience next time? If you’re in the business, what questions do you wish your clients would think through in order to get through the planning process more efficiently?

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