Whole Home Support

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Whole Home Support

Your house is a lot like the human body; it’s best to treat the whole person over time, rather than dash in and out with quick fixes, year after year. We work together to gain an overview and build a plan for the longer term management of this important asset. Sometimes this means planning for a whole-house renovation spread over the course of a few years. It’s not right for everyone, though…

The normal contracting model typically falls short for both homeowner and contractor for one very simple reason: Most people aren’t thinking ahead to the NEXT time they need to do business together.

It’s remarkable what happens when you start to change this simple equation. Let’s take a quick look at those changes from both sides of the equation, starting with the Remodeler’s point of view:

Before: “I need to make sure I capture the maximum possible profit while I have this customer on the hook…”

After: “When I deliver more value than I’m charging for, people think of me first when they have another project!”

Before: “I’d better find a way to get this done even though doing it right isn’t in the budget; because I don’t want to slow down, and anyway, this wasn’t part of the contract…”

After: “I need to find the most intelligent way of addressing my client’s priorities; after all, I’m taking responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and the total economic output of their remodeling spending… my reputation is on the line here!”

Now let’s take a stab at the homeowner’s point of view:

Before: “We have rotten wood outside, a loose dryer vent inside, and we need to remodel the kitchen AND the bathroom… maybe we should just move in a couple years!”

After: “Now that we now what we have to spend on the house this year, we can decide how much to spend on the January vacation.”

Before: “This really can’t wait— but we just don’t have time to manage the work right now.”

After: “Why don’t we just let Ajax handle whatever comes up?”

As you can tell, these are abstract versions of real thoughts and conversations— but you get the idea.

We normally don’t start out trying to take over Whole-Home-Support for our clients; it seems to be the sort of relationship that has to be eased into over the course of a few years. It isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a powerful resource for anyone who values attention to detail, craftsmanship, and has better things to do with their time than call around to miscellaneous contractors who also happen to be strangers.