Ajax Woolley

If you’re in the market for a remodeling project of any kind, you have probably already discovered the crazy nature of the business these days. There don’t appear to be any simple answers to the questions a savvy homeowner needs to ask. You may have made a few initial contacts here and there: a family member who does small jobs, some guy recommended on the neighborhood listserv, and the corporate looking firm whose direct mail keeps showing up. You know there’s a lot to it, but no one seems to be able to explain the steps you should take; what do you do next?

You are going to need remarkable craftspeople, designers, and salespeople who can help you move through the proper steps with confidence. GRC Remodel is a powerful resource for connecting you with the right team. We are small enough to pay attention to all the details, but big enough to meet your needs whether your home needs minor maintenance or a major remodel. You also need to know that the buck stops stops with someone, because that someone is going to be handling your money, protecting your privacy, and ensuring that your expectations are met.

What sort of questions do you have? Do you need help getting started? There are many things to think through as you explore your options and search for the trusted partner to help you realize your remodeling dreams. Let’s begin our conversation by getting in touch.

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